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Cabo San Lucas Weather

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Cabo san Lucas is situated in an area prone to hurricanes.  From June to November, the area may experience strong winds and rains as a result of hurricanes along the Pacific Coast. 

In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane alert, Shipdetective will post NWS updates and information for travelers on our Tropical Storm Update page

Personal Security

Although the majority of visitors to Mexico thoroughly enjoy their stay, a small number experience difficulties and serious inconveniences. 

Standards of security, safety, and supervision may not reach those expected in the United States.  This has contributed to deaths of U.S. citizens in automobile accidents, after falls from balconies or into open ditches, by drowning in the ocean as well as in hotel pools, and in water-sports mishaps, among others.

Mexico Crime Report


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Medical Care

Adequate medical care can be found in major cities.  Excellent health facilities are available in Mexico City, but training and availability of emergency responders may be below U.S. standards.  Care in more remote areas is limited.  Standards of medical training, patient care and business practices vary greatly among medical facilities in beach resorts throughout Mexico.

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Water Quality

In many areas in Mexico, tap water is unsafe and should be avoided.  Bottled water and beverages are safe although visitors should be aware that many restaurants and hotels serve tap water unless bottled water is specifically requested.  Ice may also come from tap water and should be used with caution.  Visitors should exercise caution when buying food or beverages from street vendors.  

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Getting around  

A pedestrian walkway wraps around the marina and is a great place for a stroll. The Shrimp Bucket Restaurant provides rides to various drop off point for visitors - free of charge.

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Cabo San Lucas Mexico

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The warmth of the waters at Cabo San Lucas, the beauty of its beaches, the abundance of sport fish, and other qualities, motivated a great number of both foreign and Mexican vacationers to spend their vacations in large-scale tourist developments there, starting from 1974 when the Mexican government created the infrastructure to turn Cabo San Lucas into one of the most attractive centers for tourism in Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas has become an important vacation and spa destination, with a great variety of sites of interest, and timeshares that have been built on the coast between San Lucas and San José del Cabo. The distinctive El Arco de Cabo San Lucas is a local landmark. Cabo San Lucas has the largest Marlin tournament in the world. In the winter, pods of whales can be observed in the ocean. They bear their calves in the warm waters there.

Need to Know

Cabo san Lucas is located at the tip of Baja California. The area marks the convergence of the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean.

cabo san lucas

Arid - Average rainfall is 10" a year. Rainy season Sept and Oct. Pacific side can be about 10° cooler than the Sea of Cortez side.

Port of Entry

Port of Cabo San Lucas

Time Zone


Map Coordinates

22.88° N 109.90° Wmexico map

Mexico Map PDF

Average Temperatures

Water: 83°- Summer; 72°- Winter

Air: 90°- Summer; 77°- Winter

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Things to do and see


There are plenty of restaurants and shopping lining the waterfront and hillsides of Cabo San Lucas.

Sport Angler Fishing

Fishing Charters abundant (make sure to book early during the high season - up to a year in advance). A catch and release policy is emphasized.

Shipwreck Beach (Playa Barco Varado)

Located 6 miles north of Cabo. Home to a Japanese freighter that wrecked in 1960.

Chileno Bay

Located 9 miles north of Cabo. Great snorkeling spot as Octopus and Lobster are known to be plentiful.

Whale's Head Beach (Cabeza de Ballena)

Good for snorkeling and sport fishing.

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Swimming Beaches

Medano Beach

Also know as Cabo Dune Beach. Located at the entrance of Cabo san Lucas and stretches up to the hotel zone. Calm waters - great for swimming. Watersport rentals available at Pices Watersport Center next to the Cascadas Resort.

Lover's Beach (Playa del Amor)

Only accessible by boat so you must take the water taxi over. Spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez where it meets the Pacific Ocean. No services so pack a lunch.

Playa Palmilla

Located near the Palmilla hotel about 17 miles north of Cabo. Scenic area with rock formations and a cove so the waters are calm.

Santa Maria Bay

Located near the Twin Dolphin Hotel. Great visibility for divers, snorkelers and swimmers.

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Divorce Beach

Within walking distance of  Lover's Beach. Strong currents and waves. Not recommended for swimming.

Twin Dolphin Beach (Playa Las Viudas or Widows' Beach)

Secluded Beach. Resort nearby.  Located on the SW of Los Cabos. Strong currents and waves. Not recommended for swimming. 

Costa Azul Beach

Good surfing beach. Local fisherman deliver their catch to this area everyday.


Spectacular surfers haven.

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Area Events

Day of the Dead

Gloriously colorful altars for deceased loved ones are dotted with photos, hundreds of candles and offerings of food and drink in Plaza Amelia Wilkes on the Day of the Dead in Cabo San Lucas. Nov 1 annual event.

Mexican Independence Day

September annual event. Celebrations across the country mark Mexico's gaining of independence from Spain in 1810, starting on the evening of the 15 September and carrying on to the next day, a public holiday.

Revolution Day

The whole of Mexico reaches fever pitch with Revolution Day celebrations, Aniversario de la Revolución Mexicana. Nov annual event.