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2015 Passenger Ship Incidents

Maritime incidents/accidents involving passenger injuries and/or fatalities are not a common occurrence considering the number of passenger ships sailing worldwide; It's unlikely you will experience any problems during your cruise.  Still, only a fool for a passenger would disregard the possible risks associated with a cruise vacation.

Ship Prefix Index
FV = fishing vessel
MV = motor-driven vessel
MS = motor ship
RV = research vessel
SS = steam ship
SV = sailing vessel


Celestyal Crystal

Off the coast of Gallipoli, Turkey - June 27, 2015

The Maltese registered passenger ship Celestyal Crystal, carrying 853 passengers, collided with a Marshall Islands registered oil tanker off the coast of Gallipoli, Turkey. The ship was on a cruise from Lavrio to Istanbul. Both ships reported structural damage and initial reports indicate that the STI Pimlico has reported a breach in one of her cargo tanks with some oil seeping into the water. Three injuries reported.


Bardo National Museum attack

Tunis, Tunisia - March 18, 2015

Two gunmen attacked the Bardo National Museum and took hostages, many who were foreign tourists from two cruise ships docked at the the Port of La Goulette in Tunis.

The morning of the attack, passengers from the MSC Splendida and the Costa Fascinosa were attacked as they were exiting the excursion buses. Passengers ran toward the museum to avoid the shooting, the attackers pursued them and took them hostage inside. The siege lasted about 3 hours - gunman killed 23 people and wounded almost 50 people. Costa reported nine passengers from the Fascinosa were killed. MSC reports 12 passengers from MSC Splendida were killed. Three Tunisians were killed, including two attackers. All the injuries came from bullet wounds and several victims were brought in without identification.


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